Keep Tabs On Your
Campus Guards & Get
Full Picture On Site

Built with visibility and accountability in
mind to track every guard.
  • Know the precise location of your campus guards on site.
  • Access historical insights about where the guards have been.
  • Provide proof of campus guard’s work in case of disputes.
  • Oversee the guard’s safety right on the live map of the app.

Hassle-Free Security
Incident Reporting App
For Campus Guards

Be better equipped to make a strategic decision based on the incident reports.
  • Configure custom incident reporting templates as needed.
  • Receive reports in a timely manner to readdress situations quickly.
  • Reports supported by photos, GPS location, and time stamps.
  • Enable auto approve reports to manage operations efficiently.

The Time Tracking App
That Lets You Track Work
Hours Across Post Sites

It’s a complete work management app with an accurate time tracker at its core.
  • Provides visibility across multiple organizational levels.
  • Time entries are automatically displayed in detail on the app.
  • Take control over time intervals by creating custom breaks.
  • Track time & analyze your company’s efficiency across sites.

Give Your Clients
Access To The App To
Boost Satisfaction

Take the headache out of client management & share post-site data effortlessly.
  • Show your clients how much your campus guards have worked.
  • Allow clients to view GPS tracking history & add comments in reports.
  • Share real-time reports, straight from the field with them.
  • Make billable work hours
    easily available to generate invoices.

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Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, & iOS devices.

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