A Single Platform To
Manage & Track Teams

A must-have GPS tracking app for every
security guard company.

Enhance your field visibility through a dynamic map by viewing up-to-the-minute locations for every security guard on the client site.

  • Turn on the GPS to select location & add it to post site.
  • View live GPS location to manage your teams effectively.
  • Backtrack your team’s entire day with GPS tracking.
  • To monitor & analyze, clients have access to GPS data.

Real-Time GPS Tracking
Updates & Notifications

Complete oversight for users on
security guard’s live location.

Security guard tracking app allows pin-pointing guards
as they move on a dynamic map of both the web app
and mobile app of Security Guard App.

  • Helps ensure the patrols are being completed properly.
  • Automatic notifications are sent when there’s a delay.
  • It allows responding to issues effectively and quickly.
  • Motivates the security guards to improve productivity.

Comprehensive Record
Management Supported

Essential to limit liability, GPS tracker
allows backtracking guards.

Backtrack your security team’s entire day of field movement to have clear visibility of tasks completed & shape your security operations for the future.

  • GPS tracker is also the key to keeping guards accountable.
  • Beyond that, it ensures the patrols are conducted safely.
  • Helps encourage the guards to be safe and responsible.
  • Improve team response by analyzing post GPS data easily.

Stay One-Step Ahead
Of The Competition

Put your company on the road to success
by implementing this tech.

Security guard GPS data syncs in real-time across
multiple platforms for supervisors to manage guards
remotely and keep on time live.

  • Improve operational efficiency using the GPS tracking app.
  • Exhibit value to your clients by resolving issues quickly.
  • Reduce your labor costs using a GPS tracking app.
  • Panic button, when activated, shows the guard's location.

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