Streamline Guard Tour Reporting
And Empower Your Entire Team

Turn endless paper notes into real-time
reports while patrolling.

Ditch pen and paper to effortlessly create guard tour reports
in seconds and share them with your supervisors to review
and take data-driven action.

  • Attach multiple multimedia files in a few clicks.
  • GPS time stamped reports offer accountability.
  • Hourly & break-in reports included for better clarity.
  • Saved securely on cloud for easy access anytime.

Customize Guard Tour
Reports To Your Client’s
Specific Reporting Needs

Easily create custom reports, or choose
from a variety of templates.
  • Create site specific report templates on-the-go.
  • Receive only critical data to monitor on-site metrics.
  • Auto approve reports to simplify the reporting process.
  • No more outdated reports. Focus on what’s crucial.

Stay On Top Of Incidents
With Actionable Insights

Make better evidence-based decisions
with custom incident reports.

Standard incident reports only scratch the surface when
you want to identify the security trends. Create custom
incident reports with Security Guard App.

  • Receive real-time reports directly from the client site.
  • Enable your security guard to email reports on the go.
  • Track historical data for powerful benchmarking.
  • Produce credible reports that uphold against litigation.

Increase Work Efficiency
Of Teams Leaving Less
Room For Errors

Get an edge over your competitors with standardized workflow.
  • Efficiently review, process, & manage guard tour reports.
  • Enable auto approve reports to simplify reporting process.
  • Email reports right from the web app when and as needed.
  • Reduce dependency on manual tasks to get rid of errors.