Empowering Guards To Build A Productive Work Environment

Turn any mobile into a security guard time
tracking software.

Manual time tracking is prone to mistakes. Security Guard App’s time tracking system makes it simple by auto organizing all the time clock data.

  • The time clock app is
    simple and intuitive to use.
  • Guards can clock in and out
    from mobile or computer.
  • Track every security guard’s clock-in and clock-out.
  • The time clock app automatically captures time spent.

Security Guard Time Clock
App Is Built To Bridge The Gap

Ditch spreadsheets to manage your guard’s
time logs in real-time.
  • Track total work hours spent by security guards on-site.
  • Guards get more self-organized keeping tracking of time.
  • Gain real-time visibility using the mobile and web app.
  • Security Guard App guarantees complete transparency.

Ditch Spreadsheets To Manage
Your Guard’s Time Logs Live

Spend less time tracking and more time
getting things done.

Ensure peace of mind with the Security Guard App’s time tracking system to calculate accurate work hours and breaks seamlessly.

  • Get live notifications when the guards clock-in or out.
  • Create custom breaks for your security guard on-site.
  • Define duration of the breaks and monitor the time spent.
  • Prevent time theft & buddy punching with a time clock app.

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