Make Collaboration With
Security Teams Effortless

One central platform to build & connect
with your app users.

Security Guard App is designed specifically for security
guards, security guard companies, and clients to work together
as a team. Start building your dream team by inviting them to
the Security Guard App via code or phone number.


Smoothly Add And Edit
Guard And Client Profiles

Designed and built, especially for a
company like yours.

Security Guard App is an intuitive solution built to help you
reach your full potential by not only managing your guard and
client profiles conveniently right from the mobile and web app,
but also to cost-effectively start managing security patrol
operations immediately.

Ensure Effortless Security Guard
Team Management On-The-Go

Making it easy to work with security teams
& streamline security operations.

Security Guard App makes things easier when it comes to security guard services. It is packed with many features - reports and a messenger for instance that allows you to enhance data sharing and communication within your security team.


Keep Your Security Guard
Productive Wherever They Are

Push your limits with the app to
improve work efficiency.

Without the help of proper technology security operations
can easily turn south. Security guard mobile and web apps let
you improve operational efficiency by creating teams for collaboration, keeping guards productive.

Simple Plan, Simple
Prices. Single User Get
Started For Free.

Building trust that fuels all your
security needs on-site.

Get started with the Security Guard App for free if you
are a single user. Upgrade to the premium plan only when you
start building your security team. Add as many members as
you like and pay only for active guards.


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Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, & iOS devices.

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