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A campus hired Prime Protection, LLC to patrol the grounds and secure the building and the perimeter for its students and employees. The problem with their services was that they were using multiple apps to track their progress on site.

Reports were sent out manually. They weren’t able to GPS track their guards. They realized they needed an all-in-one solution to significantly enhance the quality of their security guard services.


Prime Protection, LLC came across Security Guard App’s website online. It had all the features and more they wanted in an app to improve the quality of their services immediately. The cost-effectiveness of the app was another added benefit.

They signed up, added their existing post sites, and invited guards to start patrolling. Admins were able to create custom reports to meet the unique reporting needs of the clients that security guards filled and shared live from the site. The in-built GPS tracker also enabled the admin to keep track of every security guard on campus. Ever since their team has only grown and security guard services flourished.


With the help of the Security Guard App, Prime Protection, LLC was able to streamline its reporting process. The overall solution has created notable cost-effectiveness and flexibility that they were looking for right from the beginning. They were extremely happy with the Security Guard App and its deployment.


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