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When he founded Vista Protection owner, Alex Scott, completely relied on google sheets to keep a record of the business, had guards fill google docs to report, and saved money.

While this worked at first but as the company grew, Alex quickly realized that they were missing opportunities by sticking with google sheets and docs and needed a solution that was affordable to build and manage his security guard teams and carry out security guard operations.


As Alex looked for a guard management solution that had the same customizability he had with Google Sheets and Docs, he found Security Guard App and discovered that he could do so much more without worrying about how much it cost.

Through Security Guard App, Vista Protection’s security team is now able to create custom reports to collect data from a client that matters. With user access that is given at different levels, more guards took on important roles in the team. The admins can now easily add and delete post sites, edit and update guard and client profiles, share reports with clients in real-time, and so much more.


Since implementing Security Guard App, Vista Protection has seen significant improvement in the security guard services and client retention. Based on their own positive experience with Security Guard App, Alex and his team now recommend the solution to other security guard companies.

“We used Google Sheet because it was exactly what we needed at the time, but then there came a point where we as a security guard company outgrew it and found Security Guard App”

Alex S. Owner

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