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Reliance Security was previously using traditional documents to produce reports and calls to keep track of security guards checking in and out of the client site. It was taking a tremendous amount of time, and the team was often running into problems. It was affecting the overall productivity of the team and the quality & accuracy of the reports being sent out to the clients.

Without the ability to create a report as security guards patrolled, a huge amount of time was spent purely on writing reports that lacked detail. It was during the COVID-19 pandemic that they realized they needed a better solution for writing reports and just not that but also one that could help them operate remotely.


One of the many things they looked for was how they could automate the processes. How they could make it more efficient and faster so that they could have a really quick turnaround.

With the Security Guard App in place, the time taken to ensure that the guards have checked in or out via call was drastically reduced. Guards were able to check in and out right from the mobile app, and supervisors were now saving a whole working day’s worth of time.

Security guards were able to focus more time on their patrol and while doing so create and share detailed reports with multimedia files attached for better clarity. Using the app, they could chat in real-time and share passdowns to deliver great security guard services.


Based on the success they’ve had with the Security Guard App and the improvement in efficiency, it has helped Reliance Security to grow rapidly. They are now looking to expand their team using the app and venture into other areas of the business. With the introduction of new features and constant improvements, they’ve stayed ahead of the completion and generated additional value for their clients.

“Security Guard App is an intuitive and feature-rich solution that’s designed for security guard companies with a limited budget. It helps you stay on top of each and every action necessary to offer dedicated security guard services and ultimately increase your bottom line.”

Jared V.Managing Director

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